Sauce for the Goose

On Friday, President Obama told CNN that Iraq’s government needed to be inclusive. He cited a breakdown in trust in the Malaki government. That government needs to rise above sectarian politics to have a functioning chain of command he said. Obama called for Sunni, Shia and Kurd political participation in a unified and inclusive government.

Listen to his speech and then substitute “the United States” for Iraq and “Republicans” for Sunni, Shia and Kurd. He demands an inclusive government that represents all the people of Iraq but attacks and isolates the Republican Party and all of the people that it represents at every opportunity.

When was the last time that this administration agreed to compromise with the Republicans on any ideas that they proposed? Both the president and Senator Reid constantly attack the Republicans, using the most unfair inferences to denigrate them. Does anyone really believe that Paul Ryan wants to throw granny off the cliff because he wants to address the problems that the Social Security program is facing? Were the Democrats willing to fund the rest of the government last year while they discussed health care with the Republicans? Do you not remember that Harry Reid said that any spending bill sent over to the Senate by the House was “dead on arrival” and Obama held a press conference and said that he would veto any budget that did not give him everything that he wanted? Yet here is Obama demanding a kumbaya inclusive government for the Iraqis while doing everything within his power, both legal and illegal, to make sure that the American government only reflects what he and his party wants.

It is a shame that the American people can so nonchalantly accept Obama’s demands for a cooperative, inclusive government for the Iraqi people and not demand the same for itself.

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