The Obama Lies

“I offer my opponents a bargain: if they will stop telling lies about us, I will stop telling the truth about them.” ~Adlai Stevenson, campaign speech, 1952

Didn’t Adlai Stevenson get that right in 1952? It sounds like he was alive and listening to Mitt Romney at last week’s debate.  Obama has been repeating the lie that Romney wants to give the “rich” a $5 trillion tax cut for so long that the uninformed actually believe it!

Now, however, the liar has been caught with his pants on fire.

Obama and his campaign staff has been quoting Princeton professor Harvey Rosen as the source of the $5 trillion costfor Romney’s tax cut plan.  However, Professor Rosen told THE WEEKLY STANDARD in an email that the Obama campaign is misrepresenting his paper on Romney’s tax plan.

I can’t tell exactly how the Obama campaign reached that characterization of my work. It might be that they assume that Governor Romney wants to keep the taxes from the Affordable Care Act in place, despite the fact that the Governor has called for its complete repeal. The main conclusion of my study is that under plausible assumptions, a proposal along the lines suggested by Governor Romney can both be revenue neutral and keep the net tax burden on taxpayers with incomes above $200,000 about the same. That is, an increase in the tax burden on lower and middle income individuals is not required in order to make the overall plan revenue neutral. 

Romney has said that any change to the tax code would be revenue neutral and would neither reduce revenues, lower upper income people’s tax bills nor increase middle class taxes.  Meanwhile, Obama wants to do away with President Bush’s tax reduction.  If left to expire at the end of the year, low income taxpayers would see a fifty percent increase in their tax rate, from ten percent to fifteen percent.

As Gov. Romney said during the debate “you can have your house and your jet but you cannot have your own facts.”  Tell Obama to stop telling lies and to defend his reelection on the merits of his performance.

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