Why Trump Is Popular

This is a PlainSpeak article.  PlainSpeak articles say what the American people are thinking in straight forward language.  It does not favor the professional politician of either party.  These articles are written to simply explain what is going on in our country.

Why is Donald Trump so popular?  The media is going crazy trying to explain why the people like what he says and they can’t.  Here is the reason.

The people do not trust the professional politicians to resolve any of this nation’s problems.  They have good reason to distrust them because the DC politicians, in fact, never get anything done.  It is a result of a political process that has evolved into a continuous election campaign.  The last national election was held on November 4, 2014.  The race for the 2016 election began on November 5, 2014.  We are in a perpetual election cycle.  A politician’s sole purpose is to be elected again in the next race.  He can’t let a day go by that he is not angling for reelection in some way.  It clouds their judgement and causes paralysis of action.  Let me explain further.

The American people in their hearts do not want the Democrats to run the country.  The reason is that the Democratic Party has become dominated by very liberal politicians who want to control how you live because they know better than you do.  Liberals want a government-imposed solution to every problem and they want to spend your hard earned money to make it happen, even if the solution is something that you do not like.  The people want the government to help them when their situation is more than they can handle themselves.  If we get laid off from our job, we want the government to have unemployment benefits for us so we don’t lose everything that we own while we are looking for a new job.  That is a reasonable expectation of a government service.  We do not expect the government to kill the coal industry through strangling regulations and cause major unemployment, as it has in West Virginia.  That is not what the people see as a government function.

The Republican Party is the refuge for conservative people in America, although its leadership is blatantly anti-conservative.  The people keep electing more and more Republicans to the House and Senate, hoping that they will check uncontrolled liberalism.  We saw what happened when the Democrats controlled the House, Senate and presidency in 2009.  A poorly written national health insurance bill was passed without any debate, by manipulating Congressional rules.  Insurance premiums are now unaffordable because health care has become a bureaucracy.  The people do not want the government taking over their lives, so they turned to the Republicans in hopes that they may bring some sanity to the political process.  So far, the people are wrong.

Republicans do not know how to rule.  The American-Conservative wrote about this in the article The Diary of a Wimpy (Republican) Kid, published in September 2011.  It is worth rereading.  Essentially, the Democrats constantly attack the Republicans as being ’mean spirited’, wanting to eat children and throw granny out of the nursing home.  The Republicans are afraid that the people believe this nonsense and they never defend themselves.  Their reactions is to compromise to the point that the Democrats either get their way  or at least the Republican plan on any issue never goes forward.  Stalemate.  Here is an example.

Planned Parenthood is chopping up babies and selling them for parts.  We have all seen the hidden camera interviews where the Planned Parenthood executives talk about the price of hearts, lungs and brains.  Outrageously, one interview even talked about taking out a baby’s brain while his heart was still beating.  This organization is funded by money taken out of your paycheck.  The people know that this is not what the government should be doing.  Yet, the Democrats threatened to block a Republican bill to stop using your paychecks to pay for this.  People do not want to be a party to baby murders.  The Republicans want to remove the Planned Parenthood funding from the 2016 budget that begins on October 1st.  The Democrats threaten to block the entire Federal government’s budget over this and blame the Republicans for shutting down the government if the Democrats don’t get their way.  The Republicans, being cowards, are afraid of being accused of shutting down the government, so they will probably include taxes from your paycheck to keep Planned Parenthood funded.  They fear being accused of anything and the Democrats know it so they keep up the name calling.  It is like the schoolyard bully who taunts the weak kid every day.  The only way to stop it is to stand up to him and punch him in the nose, even if you get smacked yourself.  Sometimes the bruises are worth it.  This is also why the people don’t want liberals running the government.  Can you really make an argument for supporting baby chop shops with taxpayer money?  Yet, the Democrats do.

In comes Donald Trump into the 2016 presidential election.  He is loud.  He is opinionated.  He is known for getting things done and most importantly, he is not afraid.  Donald Trump knows America’s problems.  They are not a secret.  Everyone knows what the issues are that face this country.  The problems with our professional politicians, the ProPols, is that fixing something means making a decision to do so and then carrying through.  The Republican ProPols won’t do this because they know that the Democrats will accuse them of some sort of meanness that might translate into lost votes in the next election.  The result is nothing gets done.  Trump’s attitude is screw you, I don’t care what you say, I’m going to fix this.  It is what the American people want out of their leader.  Take Trump’s immigration stand as an example.

The Democrats want illegal immigration because they know that they can keep the pressure up on the Republicans until a big chunk of the illegals living here will be allowed to stay.  They know that these people will then eventually become citizens and be able to vote.  Since the Democrats push all the free benefits for them, most will become Democrat voters.  The Republicans don’t want to advocate for mass deportation or even for enforcement of existing laws because that will make them look evil, the current attack word is ‘nativist’, and they hope to get some of the illegals’ potential votes for themselves.

In 2006, Congress passed the Secure Fence Act.  The law authorized the building of the border wall to keep the illegals out.  The Democrat professional politicians, the ProPols, in the Senate then blocked the money to actually build the fence.  It has been worked on in fits and starts since then and is still so porous that over half a million were caught last year.[1]  This doesn’t count how many actually got through.  No one knows that number.  Trump says he will build the wall, a wall so good that nobody will get through.  Now, whether it would really be the best wall ever is a Trump boast but the people believe that he will get it done and that is what Americans want to hear…a non-politician who says I know what the problem is and I will fix it.  There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Donald Trump would get his builders working on Day One if he was the president. The people also know that if the next president is a Democrat or Republican ProPol, this will not happen.

Could Trump stand the constant attacks by the Democrats if he were president or would he back down the way that Republicans do now when they are attacked?  The people think he can take

it and with a president who is willing to defend himself, maybe the rest of the Republican Party would also develop a spine.  We have already seen how Trump reacts when he is attacked.  He hits back even harder.  Trump is like Sean Connery in The Untouchables where he tells Kevin Costner, ‘if they bring a knife to a fight, you bring a gun’.  That’s what the people want, someone who is ready to fight to get things done.

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[1] Source:  U.S. Border Patrol Apprehension Table, FY 2014; 257,473 Mexicans apprehended, 229,178 non-Mexicans apprehended in 2014

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