Because You Can’t Take Care Of Yourself # 1

We are starting a new feature today called “Because You Can’t Take Care of Yourself”.  From time to time we will comment on stupid things that those in power decide that you need to do because you can’t take care of yourself.

We at the American-Conservative strongly believe in individual liberty and that government’s role should be as an engine of progress.  Unfortunately, government has gone beyond the role of ‘plowing the road’ to make way for individuals to exercise their own initiatives, to being a nagging mother.  Not content to leave this to government alone, numerous Do-Good organizations have cropped up, also telling you how to live your life, because you can’t take care of yourself.

New York City, the bastion of more government than anyone would ever need in their lifetime, is a prime example.  For those readers outside of that metropolitan area, you may not know that the former mayor, Michael Bloomberg, banned sodas over 16 ounces.  Why?  Because the They Thinks (those who have power and think they know better than you do how to live your life) think that you will buy the jumbo Coke and get fat.  Therefore, in New York you can’t do that.  The same thing with e-cigarettes.  The current mayor, Bill de Blasio, has banned them because they look like real cigarettes and real cigarettes scare people, even if the e-cigs only emit water vapor.

Recently, Mayor Bill de Blasio lobbied strongly for a new tax on the evil wealthy to pay for mandatory Pre-K in New York City (because They Think you can’t take care of your own four year old).  Rather than permit a new tax, Governor Cuomo came up with funding from the state to pay for it (accepting it as necessary and never discussing the merits of the plan).  A spokesman for the mayor was on Geraldo Rivera’s radio show, advocating for the tax on the evil rich.  Geraldo observed that the issue seemed to be resolved, since the governor agreed to provide the funding.  The spokesman then pressed for the tax increase anyway.  Why, asked Geraldo, do you need a tax increase on the rich to pay for Pre-K if you got the funding from another source?  You have achieved your goal without a tax increase.  His reply was impeccably logical liberalism at work: because the rich have too much money so the tax helps income inequality.  They have it, we want it.  The They Thinks think these people have more money than they should, so it is their job to take it from them.  Liberalism, socialism, progressivism, everything but freedom and individualism, because you can’t take care of yourself.

Because You Can’t Take Care Of Yourself # 1 is the story of big bad, evil Dunkin’ Donuts, the home of lots of yummy things and therefore bad for you (because you can’t take care of yourself).

The Consumerist, a subsidiary of Consumer Reports, has taken Dunkin’ Donuts to task because they call their chicken sandwich a snack.  A spokesman was on Good Morning America on June 11th, deriding Dunkin’ because their “chicken snack” was over 600 calories.  What was their concern?  OMG, people will really think it is a snack and eat too many of them (because you can’t take care of yourself)!  This will lead to the dreaded obesity!  The CEO of Dunkin’ Donuts, Nigel Travis, said that his company is not moving into the lunch business, so they are branding their sandwiches as snacks.  In a related article about Dunkin’ Donut’s chicken snacks, Time magazine stated “Ask any nutritionists and they’ll tell you a snack should be a handful of almonds or a banana—something in the 100-200 calorie range that contains protein, fiber, natural sugar or a little fat to keep you satiated.”

Folks, you can take care of yourself.  You can decide how many Dunkin’ Donut snacks that you want to eat at a time, without the They Thinks telling you not to do it.  If you are not sure about the calories in Dunkin’ Donut’s products, ask them.  They keep a handy nutrition chart for all of their foods conveniently on their website.  Or, if you are not inclined to look it up, just eat what you want.  It is your life, live it the way you want.  You are responsible for the results of your actions, not them.  Don’t let the They Thinks tell you how to live your life.

Voice of the People – 1

The They Thinks –      0

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