Just Asking: Why Would PETA Support The Green New Deal?

The American-Conservative announces a new series of short questions that should be asked but never are, about issues in society, along with our comments on them.  The first question, why would PETA support the Green New Deal?  Just asking.

The Green New Deal’s goal is to eliminate all global warming gasses from the atmosphere.  One of their biggest offenders is the methane emitted by flatulent bovines.  Their goal is to do away with the methane.  To do that you need to do away with the cows. 

Dairy farmers and ranchers are in business to make money.  If you don’t produce beef and dairy there is no need for these animals.  Economically, the most logical action would be to slaughter the herds.  The radical climate believers would like these animals to be extinct.  Would that be ethical treatment of a class of animals?  How could PETA be true to their core beliefs to support the dignified life of animals and at the same time support a climate control initiative that would wipe out a species?

Just asking.

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