Obama’s Katrina: Who Cares?

Remember when the media, the Democrats and liberals blasted George Bush for not going to New Orleans after Katrina? So when is Barak Obama going to visit Colorado? Here is a comparative timeline:


August 27:

Governor Blanco requests that a Federal state of emergency be declared. This is the necessary legal step to get FEMA aid.

President Bush approves the declaration of the Federal state of emergency the same day.

August 28:

New Orleans mayor orders mandatory evacuations to begin.

August 29:

Katrina makes landfall in New Orleans.

August 31:

President Bush surveys hurricane damage from the air.


September 8:

Rains “in Biblical proportions” (per NOAA director) begin.

September 14:

Colorado Governor Hickenlooper requests disaster declaration designation for FEMA assistance.

September 15:

14 inches of rain falls in one week. A half year worth of rain falls from Wednesday to Friday.

President Obama approves disaster declaration for Colorado flood assistance.

September 18:

President Obama still has not gone to Colorado to view the flood damage.

Now, I am not disparaging President Obama. He is also dealing with the Syrian war at the same time. Frankly, if I were the president, given the current world situation, I would not spare the time to go there, although I would probably have sent the vice president before now. I make this comparison to point out the hypocrisy of the mainstream media that has not commented on Mr. Obama’s absence from the scene yet vilified Mr. Bush for taking two days to get to New Orleans. I also criticize the Democrats in the House and Senate who angrily denounced President Bush for not caring about New Orleans while the current Republican members of Congress have been restrained in their comments about Mr. Obama’s absence.

We are expected to accept so much vitriol when it is a Republican in the White House and hear nothing when it is a Democratic president. We, the American people, should hear a balanced approach from both sides. Unfortunately, this will not likely ever happen.

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