Redefining Marriage in New York

In New Paltz, New York, town clerk Marian Cappallino has been branded “on the wrong side of history” and anti-gay by homosexual activist Billiam von Roestenberg.  What was Ms. Cappallino’s affront to the homosexual community?  She did not open the town offices to perform same-sex weddings today.

Sunday, July 24, 2011, is the first day that homosexual couples can legally marry under New York’s new Domestic Relations Law.  Long delayed by the Republican Party-dominated State Senate, this year New York’s liberal governor, together with the strongly liberal State Assembly, managed to cajole and wheedle a few hold out Republicans in the Senate with back room deals and promises, to finally vote for homosexual couples to be “married”.  In New York City, Mayor Bloomberg announced that over 700 couples would be wed this weekend and the city even had to hold a lottery to allocate slots for these couples to marry.

Meanwhile, back in New Paltz, a liberal bastion in the Hudson Valley, Ms. Cappallino was quoted in the local paper as “definitely feeling threatened” by von Roestenberg’s statements, which he posted to the internet.  Cappallino said that the reason she was not holding the ceremonies today is that the town offices are closed on Sunday.  “People can come in on any (business) day, like anyone else.” she told Times-Herald Record reporter Jeremiah Horrigan.

So this is her great offence – not giving special treatment to people who say they only want to be treated like everyone else…except when it means not getting their way and having to wait until Monday.  We have a governor and feckless politicians who cave into the demand of loud minorities and ignore what the majority of the people want; to keep marriage as a union of a man and a woman.  Will someone please explain to me why, if it is wrong to deny homosexuals the right to marry because it hurts and offends them, is it right to allow them to marry when it hurts and offends all of the heterosexual couples who believe that marriage is a sacred ceremony between husband and wife?  Why is it that heterosexuals have to change their mores to accommodate a minority?  There are other remedies that can be enacted to give same-sex couples equal legal status under the law without bastardizing the sacrament of marriage.  Marriage needs to be strengthened, not redefined.

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