The Bathroom Conundrum

Recently Rush Limbaugh related a story about a man, self-described as a white male, about 5’9” tall, conducting an experiment on a college campus.  He told the students that he met that “he felt like he was a 6’5” Chinese woman”.  Not surprisingly, on a liberal college campus, nobody disagreed with him, even though…take a deep breath here, folks…he really wasn’t a very tall Chinese lady.

Today, our country is in an uproar because the state of North Carolina passed a law that said municipalities could not make their own local rules that would allow anyone to use any bathroom that they thought was appropriate based on how they viewed themselves.  The homosexual community is in an uproar because North Carolina has denied “the transgendered” from using bathrooms that were not meant for their biological sex.

In simple English, what the homosexual community is demanding is that if you have a penis but you feel like a woman, you should be able to use the ladies room.  This is different from a man who has surgically transitioned to a woman and has had a vaginoplasty or a biological woman who has had gender reassignment phalloplasty to become a man.  What we are talking about is a person who has the sexual organs of one sex using the facilities of the opposite sex because that is the way the person feels.  It would be embarrassing for a biological man, who identifies himself as a woman to be forced to use the men’s room.  I can understand that it could be damned uncomfortable for a man, dressing as a woman, to saunter up the urinal, hike up his skirt, and take a leak.  I’m sure he would feel much more comfortable, dressed like a woman, using the ladies room.  What about how the other people in the bathroom feel?

We have a guiding democratic principle that we apply to our society.  It is “Minority Rights, Majority Rules”.  This principle is meant to ensure that people with opposing viewpoints have the right to exercise their beliefs without being oppressed by the majority.  What our country seems to have forgotten is that the majority also has rights.  Yeah, if a guy dressed as a woman walks into the bathroom with me, he may be uncomfortable if I chuckle at his appearance (actually, I’m pretty tolerant, so I wouldn’t snicker at him but that doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t have a laugh at his expense.) but I would be damned upset it he followed my daughter into the woman’s toilet.  I have the right to expect that a biological male stays out of the bathrooms, locker rooms or showers that my daughters or wife are using.

So, if you have a penis and want to use the ladies room or if you have a vagina but want to use the men’s room, TOO BAD!  Why?  Because the rest of us have right too!   And we have the right to tell you NO!

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