Obama’s Vietnam

No one has had the nerve to say this yet, so let me be the first. Iraq is Obama’s Vietnam.

Oh, the media will not say this because they are in bed with Obama. Recall during the Vietnam War, the media constantly harped on President Nixon to end the war. The Democrats in congress lambasted his administration daily about the loss of American boys in an unwinnable war. Bending to the incessant pressure, Nixon had Henry Kissinger negotiate a “peace with honor” that insured the integrity and independence of South Vietnam. He withdrew American troops and left the South Vietnamese government to stand alone.

The inevitable happened. The North Vietnamese lay low for a respectable period then re-engaged the South Vietnamese military. The South Vietnamese government was corrupt and weak-willed. It quickly collapsed, the army reeling back from the Central Highlands to Saigon. All along the countryside, the Viet Cong and NVA slaughtered soldiers and South Vietnamese government sympathizers. Our government mounted a rescue of refugees from Saigon rooftops. Millions of South Vietnamese were forced into the slavery of the communist yolk with huge numbers sent to “reeducation camps”. Hundreds of thousands of South Vietnamese clambered into rickety boats to flee the vengeful North Vietnamese, many landing here. All of this happened because a president appeased the media and did not prosecute the war fully.

Iraq’s situation is very similar. The main difference is that the media did not harp on Obama to abandon the Iraqis. Of course the media had a very different outlook when George Bush was president. Then the media and (again) the Democrats in congress attacked the administration daily about our war in Iraq. No, George Bush did not fight this war well. He had no post-victory plan for the country after the Iraqi army was defeated and the insurgency began to seriously threaten that country. Bush finally woke up and authorized the surge that effectively cleaned out the Islamic insurgents and stabilized Iraq to the point that they were able to hold open elections, a rarity for Middle East nations other than Israel.

Enter Barak Obama, the appeaser. Early in his presidency Obama told the world that the United States was not special that we were just another nation on the world stage. He disregarded one hundred years of American history of aiding the oppressed and defeating evil nations. From World War I to the sacrifices of the greatest generation against fascist in World War II, to fighting communists in Greece, Turkey, Korea and Vietnam, we have been the force of liberty for the world. Iraq was no different.

Before you say that there was no reason to go to war in Iraq, remember that the United Nations passed sixteen resolutions against Iraq going back to 1980, including seven during the Clinton Administration against Iraqi chemical weapons. There was no doubt that Saddam Hussein possessed chemical weapons. He used them during the Iraq-Iran war against the Iranians (UN Resolution 582, February 24, 1986). Hussein also used chemical weapons against the Kurds in northern Iraq during their quest for autonomy. It was widely reported at the beginning of the Iraq War that convoys of covered trucks and tankers crossed into Syria giving rise to speculation that Hussein was moving his chemical weapons to his Syrian ally. Although never proven, Syria, which had no chemical weapons manufacturing capacity of its own, has used chemical weapons against the rebels in its civil war. The obvious inference is that the Syrian army used Iraqi chemical weapons.

This was a just war and Iraq achieved a level of stability by the end of the Bush administration. However, Barack Obama does not believe in American exceptionalism. He does not believe that we are the beacon of freedom for the world. He does not support uprooting dictatorships and the establishment of democracy. And so, Obama has let Iraq fall.

Our military told the president that a small presence was necessary to ensure the ongoing stability of Iraq. Obama instead ordered the withdrawal of all forces in Iraq. Now comes the similarity to Vietnam. A fragile government stands on its own. The enemy attacks from all sides. The Iraqi army is in retreat. Soon, the government will collapse. Will we send in the helicopters to Baghdad?

Iraq is Obama’s Vietnam.

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