Stay Out of Syria’s War

We are opposed to military action against Syria. As abhorrent as killing civilians by poison gas is, this is not an American fight. We do not resolve anything nor do we gain world respect by doing so.

The following is a letter sent to Representative Chris Gibson in opposition to a military strike:

The Honorable Chris Gibson,

Member, House of Representatives

Dear Mr. Gibson,

As Congress prepares to debate and vote on military action against the Syrian government, I urge you to vote no.

We go to war to defend our nation. The government of Syria may have committed a horrific act against its own citizens, although there is still some question that they are in fact the perpetrators, but they have not attacked the United States.

Chris, every nation has the right to go to hell in a manner of its own choosing. In Syria’s case, their people have chosen a civil war between a dictatorship and factions that are heavily involved with Islamic fundamentalist fighters, many of whom are the same people that we have been fighting around the world since 2001.

What do we gain if we attack Syria? Do we destroy their chemical weapons stockpile? If that is the goal, we should have done that earlier. Many of these weapons are the same weapons that crossed into Syria from Iraq when we depose Saddam Hussein. We could have destroyed them then.

Do we gain the admiration and support of the Syrian people and the Arab world? Look at Libya and Egypt. Our support of their regime change has not engendered their love for us. If military action against Syria is the right thing to do, then why was it not the right thing to do in Iran in 2009 when people were being murdered in streets by their government because they wanted to be freed from tyranny?

The death of innocent civilians is a sin but this is not our fight. Vote no on military action in Syria.

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